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Cloud Accounting
18 September 2019

How Can Cloud Accounting Add More Value To Your Business?

Having a good set of accountants is fundamental to any business, and with the implementation of cloud accounting via the internet, accounting has now become more reliable and accurate for business owners to manage.

For most business owners, the hard part now is trying to find a good accountant. You have to understand each other, have an element of trust and work together on making your business profitable. A search for a professional accountant used to be tied to the immediate geographic area of the business. It had to be this way because transferring accounting data had to be literally carrying books and files from one’s office to your accountant’s office.

Without the existence of the Internet and electronic data transfers, accounting was kept very local. Lucky for all of us, modern technology allows us to send instant messages across the globe. We have the ability to travel thousands of miles in a matter of hours. And, this same technology allows us to send data anywhere in the world in minutes. With ever-increasing speed and safety of the internet connection, we don’t have to choose the best out of the worst local specialists anymore. Modern ways of data transfer allow us to hire anyone we like anywhere in the world. And, accounting specialists are not excluded. Online accountants are now available to hire no matter where you live.

In the old days, you had to use the same accounting book or the same machine to access the accounting files. Cloud data storage lets you store any amount of data on a server that is constantly connected to the internet. And even if that server is compromised, this data is usually backed up. Cloud data storage makes it almost impossible to lose records. It allows more than one person to access the same data as well. This makes it easier for larger companies to have their data inputted into one software correctly by many members of a team.

Cloud Accounting Software

Cloud accounting uses specifically designed accounting software but the principle stays the same: access to your files anywhere anytime. This gives you the freedom to find an online accountant. This also allows you to access this information from anywhere as well. Which means you do not have to carry around all those important numbers in a local computer. Which adds a level of safety as well as convenience.

Xero is one of the fastest-growing could accounting providers in the industry. Users are able to use the software anytime, anywhere, on any device which simplifies accounting and is great for online collaboration. They support over 1.5 million subscribers worldwide and have transformed the way businesses manage their accounts.

Benefits Of Cloud Accounting

Of course, like with everything else, modern technology has its advantages. Most cloud accounting providers are linked directly to your bank account, allowing you to import transactions into the software, making it a simple process to reconcile. The software is also able to recognise the transactions and uses its memory to almost reconcile them for you - This can save hours of time spent keying in this information.

Improved accuracy is another important benefit. There is no need to transfer data multiple times between different offices and formats. Only one version of data exists so making mistakes between transferring files is minimized.

Another unbeatable benefit of cloud accounting is that accounting software is always up to date. Every time a new rule or regulation comes out, the software is updated. This ensures everyone involved stays in line with new regulations.

If you would like to know more about Cloud Accounting software, information about cloud bookkeeping or any questions, call 10. Chartered Accountants on 01604 620 810 or email us -

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