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Our clients love Xero, we think you will too…contact us for a free trial and a demo…

We are proud to have been awarded Gold partner status from the multi award winning cloud accounting software provider, Xero.

Xero was the obvious choice for us to push forward with our plans to embrace cloud based technologies which are quickly and radically changing the way that small businesses process and produce financial information.

The Xero system is the most user-friendly we’ve ever seen and truly helps our clients to keep their records up to date quickly and efficiently. At the same time, it gives us the opportunity to collaborate with our clients online so that we can use our time providing added value to our clients rather than doing the routine key strokes.
The key benefits of adopting Xero are:

  • Flexibility: As it’s on the Cloud, you can use Xero literally anywhere with an internet connection, from work, home, Costa (other coffee shops are available) or on the go
  • Time saving: Xero is unbelievably user-friendly so keeping your financial records up to date won’t take as long, for example Xero’s direct bank feeds mean that you process data in real time if needed so your decision-making is based on data that is up-to-the-minute!
  • Decision-making: Your financial information is at your fingertips 24-7 so making decisions is easy
  • Collaboration: Being on the Cloud facilitates online collaboration between us and your team…it’s easy to speak and make decisions when we’re sharing information
  • Plug and Go: Xero is on the Cloud so there’s no need to install anything, no need to back up anything (it’s automatic) and no need to update anything (that’s automatic too…!), simple!
  • Secure: Xero pay huge attention to this and as such have made their system as secure as it can be.
  • Cost effective: There’s no requirement for contracts (if you don’t like, you cancel) or for large up-front costs, you simply pay an all-inclusive monthly subscription.

Our clients love Xero, we think you will too…contact us for a free trial and a demo…

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Start ups

Starting up can be daunting...we've guided hundreds of businesses who have used our simple to follow '1-2-3' start-up service...

So you’ve made the leap…a brave, possibly obvious but nevertheless daunting prospect but:

Who do I speak to? Where do I start? Where do I find…? How do I choose…?

You need a solid foundation to build on…we have helped hundreds of businesses create that foundation, so they can start up, plan and successfully launch a business. All of our start-up clients have followed our simple three stage start-up service…it’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3:

Stage 1: Registrations and relationships:

Lots to do at first and this is just some of the form filling you’ll need to consider and relationships you’ll need to create:

  • Choose a business entity: Sole trader, Limited company, Partnership, do you start as a sole trader and convert to a company later?
  • Registrations will be needed with Government agencies, HMRC, possibly Companies House.
  • Do you set up a payroll?
  • How do you pay yourself?
  • Which Bank do I choose?
  • What Insurance do I need?

Stage 2: Foundations and systems:

As stage 1 is completed, the future management of your business will come into focus. Remember when creating this part of your foundation that ‘What you can measure you can manage’…among the things that you’ll need to consider in this phase therefore are:

  • Write a business plan and financial forecast…remember the future is uncertain, however thinking and planning what may happen is crucial in making today’s decisions, even if they change tomorrow
  • Determine if you need funding, however temporary and if so, from where?
  • Use our simple to use Xero cloud software for your business accounting
  • Create sales invoices and send to customers easily
  • View how you’re doing on a clear ‘Business dashboard’
  • Record your bank transactions using a direct secure feed via your online banking
  • Manage on-the-move using the useful app
  • Keep on top of VAT and other taxes and bills

Stage 3: Support and advice:

Once the first two critical stages are completed, you’ll need support and advice from a trusted someone who you can turn to. We understand that in year one there are lots of questions that need answering…we’re used to that and we’re totally with you. You’ll get a dedicated client manager just for you who will:

  • Be ready to answer all of your questions on email or on the phone if needed
  • Be proactive when something you need has to be done such as deadlines approaching, HMRC need something…we won’t let you forget
  • Manage your taxes, giving you due dates as soon as we can and ensuring returns are in on time

All for a fixed fee…we tell you at the outset what things cost and put that on an easy monthly payment so you don’t get any surprises and so we can focus on looking after you


Your next step:

Our start-up service is designed to help you at the start of your adventure: We understand the challenges that you are facing and can guide you through these crucial foundation stages of your business with these questions and challenges from all three crucial stages of your start-up journey...
Contact us for a free consultation to collect your free start-up guide and our recommended start-up book, ‘The E-Myth’, given free to all of our visitors who are starting off on this exciting journey.

Let’s talk…

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Growth planning

We can provide you with critical information to assist you in the management and growth of your business including:

  • A comprehensive business plan and financial forecast to start you off
  • Management accounts and variance analysis - Recording progress monthly
  • Cash flow forecasts, assessing the finance needs of your growing business
  • Working capital management (making sure that stock, debtors, creditors and cash work in harmony together)
  • Assessment of investment decisions
  • Management of business growth and accessing different sources of finance
  • Profit enhancement, looking at and assessing the best profit centeres for your business
  • Financial restructuring if the need arises because remember, your business is changing all the time...

We'll work with you to make sure you have the financial information needed to make your business grow... 

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Tax planning

Talking regularly to our clients to understand their businesses and future plans has been fundamental to successfully delivering our range of tax services

In understanding your goals and how your business functions, we can provide the efficient tax advice that you need to build value into your business and to safeguard your assets.

Despite attempts to simplify the tax system on the part of HMRC including the introduction of 'Self assessment', tax law remains complex. Rules change seemingly every month. For this reason, most business people find professional assistance in this area is crucial.

We'll incorporate tax efficiency into your business planning to put you in control of the size and timing of your tax payments...here's a taste of then things we can do for you:

Business and corporation tax

We provide advice on a wide range of business tax matters including:

  • Planning: Business tax strategy and advice on use of Corporate group structures
  • Compliance: Preparation of tax computations and returns
  • Business succession: Selling or passing on your business within a family
  • Representation: Before government agencies, for example HMRC enquiries

We have created effective systems to ensure that:

  • Your tax affairs comply with the changing rules
  • You file returns on time
  • You avoid unnecessary penalties
  • You take advantages of the available reliefs and concessions
  • We can advise you how much tax to pay and when.

Personal tax

Simply completing your personal tax return on time is not enough to managing your finances efficiently.

Whether your personal tax situation is simple or complex, we will help work with you to understand the issues and explain your options.

We can advise you on the impact of:

  • Tax residence and domicile
  • Capital gains tax and entrepreneurs’ relief rules
  • Tax efficient use of trusts to realise your assets at the lowest tax cost

In short, we have the experience and resources to help you make the most of the wealth that you've created.

Fee protection

To give comfort that professional fees in defending your position are covered in case you are the subject of such an HMRC enquiry, we offer Fee protection insurance to all of our valued clients.

A relatively small cost will give you an enviable depth of resources in your professional team should HMRC choose to launch an enquiry on your business.

Contact us to protect your business if you have not already done so.

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Payroll management

Outsourcing payroll is easy...it will save costs to your business and relieve you from stress...

For many businesses, the burden of running a payroll has become problematic:

Payroll now includes much more than the routine deduction and paying over of tax and national insurance under the PAYE system:

The fundamental recent change to payroll administration has been pension auto enrolment. We take the strain from our clients by registering schemes where needed, then running them at a modest monthly cost taking the burden of this additional red-tape off our clients.

Other recent changes to legislation have included additional obligations such as payment of Tax Credits, rebates of Contracted-Out NIC and deduction of Student Loans to name only a few.

To compound the pressure on small businesses, as they fail to keep up with changes in legislation, there has been a dramatic rise in HMRC penalties for non-compliance. For HMRC, sadly ignorance is no defence and many businesses simply do not have the resources to ensure continued compliance.

We offer a payroll management service providing weekly or monthly payroll services to businesses who wish to outsource this function.

By outsourcing your payroll, as well as getting comfort that you are being taken care of, you can avoid training time, staff costs, save on software and stationery and spend more time concentrating on your core business.

We will handle all of your payroll calculations and deductions, dealing with the important but more routine deductions for national insurance, tax and pensions, but also with more problematical issues such as attachments of earnings, student loans, SSP, SMP, SPP, SAP as well.

Our payrolls are fully automated using the most up to date software and systems. Your payroll data is sent to you with supporting payslips and with full instructions for paying your employees as well as HMRC. At the end of the payroll year, we provide you with P14s, P60s and P35s on a timely basis, as well as P11Ds if required. All this is provided on a timely basis to ensure your compliance with HMRC rules and helping you to avoid unnecessary penalties.

Contact us to start the simple process.

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"Do what you do best and outsource the rest" - Anon

Have you ever felt there's not enough time in the day to run your business properly and to do the important things like looking after customers, developing new products and managing your team?

We can create more time for you in the day by taking the strain from you in one or two key areas which you may find in other parts of our website.

Click on the following links to read about our most popular outsourcing services:

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My Own FD

"Everybody knows everything...they just haven't been told yet" - Leo Buscaglia

A profound quote, but one which is central to our culture when we provide 'My Own FD' to our clients.

Our fundamental belief is that all of the answers lie within our clients, after all it is they who created their often extraordinary businesses in the first instance...

Our role therefore, rather than prescriptively providing a solution and withdrawing, is rather to draw solutions out of our clients in regular meetings in order to obtain a solution.

The 'My Own FD' programme is provided by qualified accountants with over 25 years experience of advising owners of small businesses.

The programme starts with a detailed review of:

  • the Business owners' own objectives
  • the existing Business plan (if available)

At that point, each assignment is different...we can engage with the client once, or as most clients prefer, three or four times during the year.

Our clients' main reasons for engaging a business coach are for:

  • Increased knowledge: Our skills and years of diverse experience are brought to the client's business
  • Improved perspective: The ability to refer to and discuss issues with a third party is often the only opportunity available
  • Peer pressure discipline: Sometimes entrepreneurs only have themselves to rely on to 'do' things

Our role is not so much to preach, but as a reference point and guide to assist an entrepreneur on what is sometimes a lonely journey to business improvement and realisation of their business objectives

Contact us for a consultation to learn more about 'My Own FD'

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Corporate finance

Selling or buying a business, Financial forecasting, Business plans, Business modelling

This is an area where we have experienced much success and where we work closely with banks, corporate lawyers and sources of finance.

Our experience includes:

  • Financial forecasting
  • Business modelling
  • Fund raising
  • Acquisitions, MBO's and mergers
  • Business valuations
  • Business cessation and Retirement planning
  • We can assist businesses to raise funding for new ventures by acquisition.

We can also assist in the management of succession, arrange buy-outs or buy-ins and with the eventual business sale and exit.

As reporting accountants we can also provide due diligence reports for lenders or investors including banks, venture capital organisations, private individuals or management buy-out teams.

We understand that ultimately we are making a difference to an individual or group of individuals and that the outcome from any financial transaction will have a lasting impact on your future. We therefore make certain that any concerns or anxieties that you may have are addressed early in the process so that you feel confident to make the important decisions relating to your business and personal future.

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Company secretarial

Limited companies are one of the popular entities to trade within and as such, their efficient, effective administration is critical

We will advise you about the legal requirements arising from trading as a limited company as well as the duties required of you as company director under the Companies Act.

We’ll help you get the most out of a company structure....here are a few of the main areas of our Company Secretarial services to private companies:

  • Company formation...you’ll need this on starting up
  • Appointment of the directors of the company, structure and issue of shareholdings
  • Choosing the year end
  • Dividends: After all your hard work, when and why to declare dividends
  • Directors’ responsibilities
  • Statutory books: Keeping them up to date with changes and minutes of meetings
  • Meetings and resolutions: General? Special? Extraordinary? Timing? Necessity? Procedure? We’ll tell you what you need to do and when, just ask
  • Registered Office: We provide this for scores of our corporate clients
  • Preparation and filing of information for Companies House: Accounts, forms, returns, resolutions all need to be put on public record, we’ll do that for you
  • Dissolving the company: There can be good reason to do this, sometimes with the added assistance of an insolvency practitioner, again, we can help

We will help you make sense of the complex rules surrounding limited companies so that you make the most from your corporate structure, just ask...

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Business management

Proactivity, control, what's not to like....Bookkeeping has evolved!

Clients now have even less time to carry out important Business Management tasks that they could easily delegate which in addition to basic bookkeeping includes:

  • Sales invoicing
  • Credit control
  • Payroll management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Supplier statement reconciliation
  • Producing management reports

So now you can outsource some or all of your accounting and Business management functions of your business allowing you to focus on what you do best....running the business.

Through our secure online accounting system, Xero, the outsourcing of the Business management function has become an accepted feature of the modern economy:

Our Online Business management service is unbelievably powerful in that:

  • Your information is securely available to you online, anywhere (with a www connection) and anytime
  • The service is truly interactive in that you can do as much or as little as you wish

The Online Business Management service is particularly attractive where:

  • Busy Entrepreneurs with little time require accuracy and control of their business finances
  • Speed and efficiency is needed: Our online system and processes enable this
  • You need your accounting function uninterrupted by staff changes
  • You need a tailored service to ensure a proper personal solution is achieved
  • Economies are needed: The cost of the Accounts department can be considerably reduced by outsourcing 
  • Where time poor individuals need organisation and control

Xero has truly brought with it a new level of proactivity in Business management that has not previously been achievable. The number of clients that have taken on this service is therefore growing unbelievably for very good reason...don't miss out, give us a call and ask for a demonstration.

You'll love it!

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Audit and assurance

We are Registered Auditors under the Companies Acts

An audit provides reliable financial information to business owners enabling them to take decisive action. It also provides assurance for third parties such as banks and other creditors when making lending decisions and can form a useful part of other financial transactions such as buyouts and takeovers.

Our audit services include:

  • Statutory audits under the Companies Act
  • Statutory reports required under other regulations
  • Solicitors Accounts Rules
  • Other regulated audits for specific industries
  • Pension Fund audits

There is great comfort to be gained from an independent and objective review of your financial systems: Weaknesses in your financial systems can lead to failings, so detecting them early allows you to take action to correct these issues before they have a detrimental impact on your business.

Although audits are diminishing as a result of increases in the criteria requiring them, there are nevertheless a large number of companies which still require an annual audit, and third party interests (banks or Government agencies for example) who may demand them.

In order to carry out effective audits, as well as examining our clients' financial records, we also take time to understand our clients' operations, the industries in which they operate and the economic events which have had an influence on them.

Our approach to the audit transforms what is often seen as an unnecessary overhead by many businesses, into a valuable annual health check for company directors.

In order to obtain and retain our Audit Registration, we have to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to rigourous quality and technical standards. The audits that we carry out comply with the professional standards issued by the Auditing Standards Board, the Financial Reporting Council and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

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Accounting systems

Keeping accounting records accurate and up to the minute is fundamental!

It just makes sense...the benefits speak for themselves:

  • Direct access to key business information to manage your business
  • Easy to produce important information for government agencies such as VAT returns
  • Simpler (and at less cost!) for accountants to produce year end accounts
  • Clear records are a requirement of HMRC and the Companies Act

Given these benefits, our team will actively help you to create good accounting records:

We offer a range of accounting solutions and software. Most importantly, we will advise you and recommend the most appropriate one for your business.

Here are a few of our most popular solutions:

If it's flexibility and interaction that you want, our Xero online accounting solution is the one for you...available online, literally anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. This solution truly takes accounting and your business with it into the 21st century.

We are an accredited reseller and business centre for Sage, the UK's leading provider of accounting software for small to medium sized businesses...need we say more?

If you need a Sage product or upgrade for your business, contact us first as we'll make sure you get the right one for your needs, and it's likely to be excellent value too!

10. worksheet
For Micro businesses who need a simple solution that does not take up too much of your valuable time (often when starting up in business, the entrepreneur will literally do everything, including the accounting!), our 10. worksheet may be just what is needed.

Supplied free of charge to our clients, The 10. worksheet is MS Excel spreadsheet based and simulates a simple 'in and out' cash book. It's simplicity belies its power though: It calculates VAT returns automatically once the summaries are complete and provides a 'Totals' summary showing you the progress that you're making. This useful tool has received great acclaim with growing number of happy clients...and it's free!

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We are experienced in dealing with the accounting needs of companies, partnerships and sole traders in all types of industry and in the 'not for profit' sector

Annual Accounts

Our annual accounts preparation service is designed to be smooth and efficient with a typical 'turnaround' time of 2 - 3 weeks. Our experienced team prepares accounts from your records for an annual review of your business or simply to comply with the requirements of government agencies (Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs or the Charity Commission).

Management Accounting

The production of management accounts and availability of management information has gone through what we can only describe as a revolution in recent years through technological advancement. It is now much easier than ever before for businesses to maintain their own accounting records and produce management accounts, however a growing number of clients ask us to do this for them because:

  • It is far more cost effective for us to do this for clients...yep, really
  • Clients have the comfort of knowing the figures are accurate...no surprises

We offer a Business management service tailored to your needs where we do your book keeping, management accounting, VAT returns (see below) and payroll. The result is the control through the availability of regular management information which you can rely on. You can now truly manage your business.

VAT Return preparation

In conjunction with our management accounting service, clients usually ask us to go one stage further to deal with their VAT return as well. Preparing the VAT return should now be a simple 'by product' of the accounting system, so aside from a few checks on our part, where we prepare management accounts, this is a routine task for us.

Even where records are maintained 'in house' by clients, we are sometimes also asked to deal with a client's VAT return for them simply to give comfort that the process is thorough.

The personal touch that David Foster first brought to the account has been maintained by all of the team over the years. They all offer the same consistent approach. As the business continues to grow and diversify, the support of 10 Chartered Accountants continues to provide that extra level of guidance. Virginia, Riverman Management, London

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