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How can I lower my office energy bills?
01 December 2020

How can I lower my office energy bills? image

Cost optimisation: tips to lower your office energy bills

We know that managing your utility bills might not be a priority for a company, however, lots of companies don’t know that their profit margins would be far greater if they took some time to cut back on their energy bills. If you don’t have the time or allocated resources to analyse your business energy fully, why not invest in an energy audit. This way, a certified energy auditor can assess your consumption and advise you on cutting costs.

To start with, there are some small changes that you can make on a daily basis to cut your business energy costs.

LED bulbs

Replace all your incandescent bulbs with LED alternatives and other energy-saving light bulbs and you will save more money than you would have thought. These types of bulbs require far less energy to light up space, so you will be spending less to simply light your office. Moreover, your employees will appreciate this switch, since no one likes those overly bright overhead lights that are in most offices. Switching to softer lighting which is also environmentally friendly will make your space feel calmer and your employees happier. Furthermore, make the most of natural daylight as much as you can! You can even go further and remove any lighting in parts of the office where there is excess natural light.

Multifunctional devices

Multifunctional devices require less energy to function. This is because all the energy that is needed to power up multiple devices is saved by using just one device with multiple purposes. Therefore, these machines have been proven to cut costs! Aside from lowering our bills, investing in devices like this can also help us to rethink certain habits we have developed surrounding our consumption of energy. For example, instead of printing documents, why not keep them in a PDF format? Or indeed, if you must print, then be sure to do it on double-sided paper so you use a lot less. Using fewer resources like paper and ink will hugely cut your company’s outgoings.

If for some reason you don’t have the financial resources to invest in multifunctional devices, at least ensure that your current devices have a good energy efficiency rating. This can be found on the labels of the device. And never leave devices on standby! Leaving devices plugged in when not in use, especially overnight, can cause your bills to spike.

Regulate your office temperature

Stabilising your office’s temperature, instead of big fluctuations in temperature, will save you money on your commercial energy plan. This is because fluctuations will cause bills to spike. In fact, in order to fully regulate your office’s temperature, you can invest in a smart thermostat which will help you find the perfect balance. This means that you can manage your office’s energy based on who is in the office, as well as seasonally.

Given everyone has a different regular body temperature, it can be tricky to find a happy medium to make everyone comfortable. Avoiding using stand alone heaters or air conditioner systems will also stabilise your bills, and also reduce your carbon footprint.

Switch energy suppliers

However, by far the most foolproof way to make savings on your energy bill is by switching energy suppliers. You can do this with, a trusted price comparison service who can carry out the whole switch for you. Switching energy suppliers can save you huge amounts of energy and money for your business. So many businesses don’t realise that they might be overpaying for their energy supply. So, switch suppliers to align your business’ energy supply with its environmental priorities and its consumption. Even better, you could switch to a green energy tariff. Don’t be fooled, however - these don’t tend to be more expensive than regular tariffs!

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How can I lower my office energy bills?
01 December 2020

Cost optimisation: tips to lower your office energy bills

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