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Case Study

Cut above the rest in personal management style
Christian Wiles Hairdressing, Northampton

Not many hairdressers can say they started their own salon at the age of 21, but for Christian Wiles this was just the start of a reputable career and the beginning of a professional relationship with 10 Chartered Accountants.

Christian now has more than 20 years of experience that has seen him fulfil the role of an educator for stylist brand Matrix hair products while running his own award winning salon with seven stylists, two apprentices and three Saturday staff.
Having been established in College Street for many years since the business was started, Christian moved his salon to St Edmunds Street in 2009 where the business has continued to grow and the salon reputation has thrived.
Veronica Wiles, Mum and personal assistant to Christian, has supported the business from the very start. 

She said: “In our eyes, the 10 Chartered Accountants team can’t do any wrong. They never make us feel intimidated and are always very accommodating.”

"We are always looking for more business, but we are happy to sustain a good level of trade when so many other hairdressers are finding it difficult. Whenever we have needed business advice on new projects, we can talk to 10 Chartered Accountants and feel inspired by what they say."

10 Chartered Accountants manage the salon’s regular financial needs: Bookkeeping, management accounting, VAT and payroll. They also manage the annual and strategic work: Statutory accounts, tax returns and lastly forecasting, something that has been extremely important to the salon in such a challenging climate.

Christian and Veronica meet with 10 Chartered Accountants every quarter to discuss their financial position and that does not include the times when 10 Chartered Accountants director David Foster or any of the team drop in for a haircut!

“We like the fact that 10 Chartered Accountants people are down to earth and they offer a friendly voice if we ever need to turn to them” concluded Veronica.

“We are pleased that 10 Chartered Accountants understand our industry and are always ready if we ever need them.”

In our eyes, the 10 Chartered Accountants team can't do anything wrong. They never make us feel intimidated an are always very accommodating. We like the fact that 10 Chartered Accountants people are down to earth and they offer a friendly voice if we aver need to turn to them. Veronica, Christian Wiles Hairdressing, Northampton



Case Studies