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10 Chartered Accountants

Case Study

Smiles all round for dental practice
Bloxdent Dental Practice

The world of dentistry is fast evolving which means that there can be pressure on finding the time needed to look after the business side of a busy and demanding practice.

When Caitriona joined Cathy in 2003 to make the Bloxham dental practice a two partner business, they were looked after by an accountant who specialised in working exclusively within the dental industry.

As the practice developed and grew, a decision was taken in 2008 to increase in size to two practices. Caitriona and Cathy decided that they needed to look at all elements of the business to ensure that they had the right partners and suppliers engaged to support and guide them.

After being referred to David Foster at 10 Chartered Accountants by another dentistry business, they quickly realised that not only were they able to make some significant savings by moving accountants, but they could also improve the service and advice they were receiving: 5 years on and the relationship between Bloxdent and 10 Chartered Accountants has continued to flourish.

Bloxdent employs around 50 staff across the 2 practices ranging from dentists and therapists to management and support staff. The Practices look after a mix of NHS and private patients and hold contracts with PCTs (Primary Care Trusts) to deliver a set amount of dental care every year, all of which has to be closely monitored and analysed.

The Practice is also a training practice for newly qualified dentists, with the team mentoring and supervising these post-grads for the first 12 months of their careers.

With such a hands-on, demanding job, Caitriona says that it is essential to know that the financial side of the business is under control and being well looked after: Bloxdent use 10 Chartered Accountants for their year-end accounts, tax planning, tax returns as well as general support with business budgets, margins and forecasting.

In Ian Wake and his team at 10 Chartered Accountants Caitriona feels that she has consistent and timely support for any queries, and that their professional approach inspires confidence.

One of the biggest differences she has found since moving accountants is the communication: Whenever she liaises with a 10 Chartered Accountants team member they immediately understand the level of knowledge that she has on a particular subject and it’s always an easy and comfortable conversation.

“They are personal and will help with anything without me feeling that I am being charged by the minute”.


They are personable and will help with anything without me feeling that I am being charged by the minute. Bloxdent Dental Practice image Catriona, Bloxdent Dental Practice


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