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10 Chartered Accountants

Tax planning

Talking regularly to our clients to understand their businesses and future plans has been fundamental to successfully delivering our range of tax services

In understanding your goals and how your business functions, we can provide the efficient tax advice that you need to build value into your business and to safeguard your assets.

Despite attempts to simplify the tax system on the part of HMRC including the introduction of ‘Self assessment’, tax law remains complex. Rules change seemingly every month. For this reason, most business people find professional assistance in this area is crucial.

We’ll incorporate tax efficiency into your business planning to put you in control of the size and timing of your tax payments…here’s a taste of then things we can do for you:

Business and corporation tax

We provide advice on a wide range of business tax matters including:

  • Planning: Business tax strategy and advice on use of Corporate group structures
  • Compliance: Preparation of tax computations and returns
  • Business succession: Selling or passing on your business within a family
  • Representation: Before government agencies, for example HMRC enquiries

We have created effective systems to ensure that:

  • Your tax affairs comply with the changing rules
  • You file returns on time
  • You avoid unnecessary penalties
  • You take advantages of the available reliefs and concessions
  • We can advise you how much tax to pay and when.

Personal tax

Simply completing your personal tax return on time is not enough to managing your finances efficiently.

Whether your personal tax situation is simple or complex, we will help work with you to understand the issues and explain your options.

We can advise you on the impact of:

  • Tax residence and domicile
  • Capital gains tax and entrepreneurs’ relief rules
  • Tax efficient use of trusts to realise your assets at the lowest tax cost

In short, we have the experience and resources to help you make the most of the wealth that you’ve created.

Fee protection

To give comfort that professional fees in defending your position are covered in case you are the subject of such an HMRC enquiry, we offer Fee protection insurance to all of our valued clients.

A relatively small cost will give you an enviable depth of resources in your professional team should HMRC choose to launch an enquiry on your business.

Contact us to protect your business if you have not already done so.

As our business grows we are confident that 10 Chartered Accountants will continue to mirror our desire for efficient processes. Copypoll Print and Packaging image Nigel, Copypoll Print and Packaging

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