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10 Chartered Accountants

Start ups

Starting up can be daunting...we've guided hundreds of businesses who have used our simple to follow '1-2-3' start-up service...

So you’ve made the leap…a brave, possibly obvious but nevertheless daunting prospect but:

Who do I speak to? Where do I start? Where do I find…? How do I choose…?

You need a solid foundation to build on…we have helped hundreds of businesses create that foundation, so they can start up, plan and successfully launch a business. All of our start-up clients have followed our simple three-stage start-up service…it’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3:

Stage 1: Registrations and relationships:

Lots to do at first and this is just some of the form filling you’ll need to consider and relationships you’ll need to create:

  • Choose a business entity: Sole trader, Limited company, Partnership, do you start as a sole trader and convert to a company later?
  • Registrations will be needed with Government agencies, HMRC, possibly Companies House.
  • Do you set up a payroll?
  • How do you pay yourself?
  • Which Bank do I choose?
  • What Insurance do I need?

Stage 2: Foundations and systems:

As stage 1 is completed, the future management of your business will come into focus. Remember when creating this part of your foundation that ‘What you can measure you can manage’…among the things that you’ll need to consider in this phase therefore are:

  • Write a business plan and financial forecast…remember the future is uncertain, however thinking and planning what may happen is crucial in making today’s decisions, even if they change tomorrow
  • Determine if you need funding, however temporary and if so, from where?
  • Use our simple to use Xero cloud software for your business accounting
  • Create sales invoices and send to customers easily
  • View how you’re doing on a clear ‘Business dashboard’
  • Record your bank transactions using a direct secure feed via your online banking
  • Manage on-the-move using the useful app
  • Keep on top of VAT and other taxes and bills

Stage 3: Support and advice:

Once the first two critical stages are completed, you’ll need support and advice from a trusted someone who you can turn to. We understand that in year one there are lots of questions that need answering…we’re used to that and we’re totally with you. You’ll get a dedicated client manager just for you who will:

  • Be ready to answer all of your questions on email or on the phone if needed
  • Be proactive when something you need has to be done such as deadlines approaching, HMRC need something…we won’t let you forget
  • Manage your taxes, giving you due dates as soon as we can and ensuring returns are in on time

All for a fixed fee…we tell you at the outset what things cost and put that on an easy monthly payment so you don’t get any surprises and so we can focus on looking after you

Your next step:

Looking for an accountant in Northampton? Our start-up service is designed to help you at the start of your adventure: We understand the challenges that you are facing and can guide you through these crucial foundation stages of your business with these questions and challenges from all three crucial stages of your start-up journey…
Contact us for a free consultation to collect your free start-up guide and our recommended start-up book, ‘The E-Myth’, given free to all of our visitors who are starting off on this exciting journey.

Let’s talk…

10 Chartered Accountants people act very much in the way our customers do. They are friendly and all round nice people. They have helped make a financially challenging process plain and simple and that has allowed us to become very popular amongst locals! The Old School, Stanwick image Vernon, The Old School, Stanwick

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