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10 Chartered Accountants

Corporate finance

Selling or buying a business, Financial forecasting, Business plans, Business modelling

This is an area where we have experienced much success and where we work closely with banks, corporate lawyers and sources of finance.

Our experience includes:

  • Financial forecasting
  • Business modelling
  • Fund raising
  • Acquisitions, MBO’s and mergers
  • Business valuations
  • Business cessation and Retirement planning
  • We can assist businesses to raise funding for new ventures by acquisition.

We can also assist in the management of succession, arrange buy-outs or buy-ins and with the eventual business sale and exit.

As reporting accountants we can also provide due diligence reports for lenders or investors including banks, venture capital organisations, private individuals or management buy-out teams.

We understand that ultimately we are making a difference to an individual or group of individuals and that the outcome from any financial transaction will have a lasting impact on your future. We therefore make certain that any concerns or anxieties that you may have are addressed early in the process so that you feel confident to make the important decisions relating to your business and personal future.

10 Chartered Accountants are integral to our business with their business management work and taking a keen interest in our key performance indicators, especially in terms of how we manage our margins on work. They give relevant, incisive advice and do not simply 'run their eyes over the books'. Sportsframe, Wellingborough image Adam, Sportsframe, Wellingborough

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