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10 Chartered Accountants


We are experienced in dealing with the accounting needs of companies, partnerships and sole traders in all types of industry and in the 'not for profit' sector

Annual Accounts

Our annual accounts preparation service is designed to be smooth and efficient with a typical ‘turnaround’ time of 2 - 3 weeks. Our experienced team prepares accounts from your records for an annual review of your business or simply to comply with the requirements of government agencies (Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs or the Charity Commission).

Management Accounting

The production of management accounts and availability of management information has gone through what we can only describe as a revolution in recent years through technological advancement. It is now much easier than ever before for businesses to maintain their own accounting records and produce management accounts, however a growing number of clients ask us to do this for them because:

  • It is far more cost effective for us to do this for clients…yep, really
  • Clients have the comfort of knowing the figures are accurate…no surprises

We offer a Business management service tailored to your needs where we do your book keeping, management accounting, VAT returns (see below) and payroll. The result is the control through the availability of regular management information which you can rely on. You can now truly manage your business.

VAT Return preparation

In conjunction with our management accounting service, clients usually ask us to go one stage further to deal with their VAT return as well. Preparing the VAT return should now be a simple ‘by product’ of the accounting system, so aside from a few checks on our part, where we prepare management accounts, this is a routine task for us.

Even where records are maintained ‘in house’ by clients, we are sometimes also asked to deal with a client’s VAT return for them simply to give comfort that the process is thorough.

10 Chartered Accountants take the responsibility of controlling our finances which allows me to spend more time on the restaurant floor and growing the business. They act as our finance department overseeing our accounts, payroll, payment run and year end, as well as strategic advice and consultancy. The Red Lion, East Haddon image Nick, The Red Lion, East Haddon

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