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My Own FD

"Everybody knows everything...they just haven't been told yet" - Leo Buscaglia

A profound quote, but one which is central to our culture when we provide 'My Own FD' to our clients.

Our fundamental belief is that all of the answers lie within our clients, after all it is they who created their often extraordinary businesses in the first instance...

Our role therefore, rather than prescriptively providing a solution and withdrawing, is rather to draw solutions out of our clients in regular meetings in order to obtain a solution.

The 'My Own FD' programme is provided by qualified accountants with over 25 years experience of advising owners of small businesses.

The programme starts with a detailed review of:

  • the Business owners' own objectives
  • the existing Business plan (if available)

At that point, each assignment is different...we can engage with the client once, or as most clients prefer, three or four times during the year.

Our clients' main reasons for engaging a business coach are for:

  • Increased knowledge: Our skills and years of diverse experience are brought to the client's business
  • Improved perspective: The ability to refer to and discuss issues with a third party is often the only opportunity available
  • Peer pressure discipline: Sometimes entrepreneurs only have themselves to rely on to 'do' things

Our role is not so much to preach, but as a reference point and guide to assist an entrepreneur on what is sometimes a lonely journey to business improvement and realisation of their business objectives

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10 Chartered Accountants people act very much in the way our customers do. They are friendly and all round nice people. They have helped make a financially challenging process plain and simple and that has allowed us to become very popular amongst locals! Vernon, The Old School, Stanwick

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