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10 Chartered Accountants

Company secretarial

Limited companies are one of the popular entities to trade within and as such, their efficient, effective administration is critical

We will advise you about the legal requirements arising from trading as a limited company as well as the duties required of you as company director under the Companies Act.

We’ll help you get the most out of a company structure….here are a few of the main areas of our Company Secretarial services to private companies:

  • Company formation…you’ll need this on starting up
  • Appointment of the directors of the company, structure and issue of shareholdings
  • Choosing the year end
  • Dividends: After all your hard work, when and why to declare dividends
  • Directors’ responsibilities
  • Statutory books: Keeping them up to date with changes and minutes of meetings
  • Meetings and resolutions: General? Special? Extraordinary? Timing? Necessity? Procedure? We’ll tell you what you need to do and when, just ask
  • Registered Office: We provide this for scores of our corporate clients
  • Preparation and filing of information for Companies House: Accounts, forms, returns, resolutions all need to be put on public record, we’ll do that for you
  • Dissolving the company: There can be good reason to do this, sometimes with the added assistance of an insolvency practitioner, again, we can help

We will help you make sense of the complex rules surrounding limited companies so that you make the most from your corporate structure, just ask…

10 Chartered Accountants take the responsibility of controlling our finances which allows me to spend more time on the restaurant floor and growing the business. They act as our finance department overseeing our accounts, payroll, payment run and year end, as well as strategic advice and consultancy. The Red Lion, East Haddon image Nick, The Red Lion, East Haddon

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