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Worried COVID Plan B may affect you or your business?
25 October 2021

Here’s what you need to know

The pandemic and its restrictions have placed a strain on all of us. It is not surprising that many fear the return of more measures that restrict our lives and businesses.

There is growing concern that we are heading towards another spike in infections and a move to Plan B – what does this mean for you?

What is Plan A?

We are currently in Plan A. This strategy focuses on limiting the spread of COVID by:

  • Ensuring as many people as possible are vaccinated
  • Maintaining track and trace systems
  • Providing additional support to the NHS and social care.

What is Plan B?

Plan B would attempt to prevent a further rise in COVID hospitalisations and deaths.

This strategy could include the following measures:

  • Communicating “clearly and urgently” with the public that the risk level has increased
  • ‘Vaccine passports’ for entry to some indoor events and venues
  • The return of mandatory face coverings in some indoor spaces
  • Recommendations to work from home
  • The public going “out of their way” to support and help the health service
  • Recruiting NHS volunteers and encouraging retired healthcare workers to re-enter the health service.

The Government has not confirmed that it intends to bring in any of these measures but it is under pressure from the NHS and other experts to implement these restrictions before rates rise drastically.

Are you likely to be affected?

While the new measures are by no means as strict as earlier lockdowns, they could affect how some businesses operate and elements of your daily life.

If you are concerned about the business implications please contact us.

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